Morning spent well with my blog

Oh Capulet (by Annu Gunasekara)

A tartan look with a cape/blazer that brings a sophisticated element to the tartan colour

Quick selfie before leaving work

A Royal Botanic Runway Show

A runway show mixed with a heat wave is a good recipe for disaster, so avoid the risks of having one.

Designers from Akira Isowaga, Aurelio Costarella, Collette Dinnigan and Martin Grant featured their collection for the union of the inspirational fashion of 2014. Their range of clothing was an inspiration to upcoming designers, fashion students, major companies and to me. Each model featured in the collection fit the whole concept each designer was trying to accomplish.

Being apart of this show was another runway experience with a new understanding on how it is run and the difference it has to other shows I have done. The construction of it was breathtaking, elegant and very floraish (if thats even a word) because it corresponded to its environment, which was at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Having the show at the Royal Botanic Gardens was exciting, even for me! During the dress rehearsals one of the models hadn’t arrived and I was quickly asked to fill in for her. I didn’t wear any of the clothes or shoes, even though i wish i could, but i filled in for her to see the timing of the walk. If only i had a photo to see the height difference with me and the models. Im already short enough as it is, but standing next to the models on Heels was way to funny!!! All those who were working in the show were hysterical and it was rubbing off me too.

Point is during the walk, I had the best time, I strutted like the models and added a lot my flare to my walk; swinging my hands, bowing, swirling and waving (just like the princess diaries film taught me). Everyone was hysterical including the models.

That was a good part to the day until the heatwave. Lets just say get the job done so you don’t step on any toes, constantly be hydrated and check that your makeup doesn’t fall off your face (which happened to me). Bring an umbrella, a phone charger so that it doesn’t die while your taking photos (hello me) and network your life away with the upcoming and current fashion generation & make sure your having fun so you remember these type of moments.

Well thats all from me, here a couple of photos i took before my phone died.

xx A


So i joined the blogging world!!!

I knew this world existed but honestly i did not know anything about it, from what it was to how it was run. Its been 3 months since i read my first blog entry which belongs to a friend of mine She is by far one of my inspirations who motivates and gives a clear insight to her everyday life and what she is about. And from there I’ve just been reading so many blogs, and by so many I have been reading so many.

After i graduated from highschool in 2012, i honestly felt i was on top of the world, which cam crashing down once the ATARS (year 12 results) were released. And coming from a curry family, it was the biggest disappointment, and it felt as if the floor underneath me vanished because i didn’t know what to do. For 3 months i was in hiding, except for working, and didn’t know what to do until i started university, just doing an ordinary course Bachelor of Business. I guess my destiny was to be in business and not in United Nations types of work (my ideal job).

My characteristic blended so well with this course and i finally felt like i wasn’t wondering blindfolded anymore. Couple months after starting Uni, i cam across the Runway Production School, which were opening positions for students, so i applied and did this short course over the winter holidays AND it was MAGICAL. Yeah the hard work was there and the stress, but i found where i belong, not in designing or styling rather i found that i could do business in this world. I love managing, guiding and directing and i never thought i could do this in this industry.

This eye opening experience got me to network with the upcoming fashion students who wants to be apart of this world, which urged and created the same feeling inside of myself. So a couple of months after the Runway Production School, I got to volunteer in the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week as a dresser and front of house volunteer and everything about the runway to the madness at the back of house was inspiring, magical and motivating. My model i was working with, Anissa, was so good to me and my friend and we just clicked well and i had the best time!

I found what i wanted to do most in life and this blog is about sharing those moments I have in this industry and kind of my stepping stone to what i want to become.

xx A